We've all made purchases we regretted afterwards.

I remember the first purchase I ever regretted -- it was a pair of Beats headphones. They were hot and cool at the time, and everybody who was somebody was wearing them. I was in college studying radio, and -- believing them to be the best -- I wanted a pair of my own. After all, I couldn't be a proper radio DJ without the best headphones out there.

I still remember the day I'd finally saved up enough. I made a trip to the nearby Best Buy and purchased a white pair with red accents. They weren't the most expensive pair available, but they were all I could afford. I was so excited, though, I raced back to my college dorm, put them on, turned up a song...and was unimpressed. Nothing special, they were definitely comparable to the headphones we already used at the college radio station. After shuffling through some different songs, I could see that they were definitely great for listening to hip hop, rap or anything with a beat -- the bass was definitely amplified. But aside from that, any other music sounded sort of muffled and unclear.

After all that anticipation, my Beats headphones hadn't lived up to the hype and weren't worth the small fortune I'd paid for them.

Those headphones taught me a lesson, though -- if I ever find myself really wanting something, give it a good period of time to see if my feelings about it change. Oftentimes, they do, and that money goes to something else more worthwhile.


I recently made another purchase that -- while necessary -- wasn't exactly frugal. I share it -- and take calls from some listeners -- in the video below.

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