Taylor Swift has two concert dates at U.S. Bank Stadium this weekend. We're sending lots of Mix listeners there to see the shows. If you're planning to go to the concert, you might want to look over this list first.

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  • Pretend like you know the lyrics to every song--Lots of parents are going to the show with their kids and may not know all of the lyrics. It's definitely acceptable to fake it until you make it
  • Dress up! Taylor Swift's mom Andrea is notorious for walking around the venue and inviting super fans into the 'Red Room' to meet Taylor
  • Bring binoculars if you're in the nosebleeds--Taylor's show is more than just a musical experience...it's a whole production. Don't miss a second of it!
  • Bring tissues--Because, she'll be singing that song that got you through your first high school breakup. Flash back Friday will be in full force...and maybe some tears.
  • Get there early--traffic and parking might be a nightmare with the Minnesota State Fair happening mixed with the whole Labor Day weekend thing.
  • Take tons of photos--it's a once in a lifetime experience.


  • Place yourself where someone else is standing...the 'snake pit' might be a tight squeeze...but, you still need to be respectful
  • Don't film the whole concert for your snap story...give yourself time to just enjoy the moment
  • Wear a Kanye West t-shirt. If we have to explain this one to you, you live under a rock...
  • Bring selfie sticks--your concert neighbors will not like you very much if you're obstructing their bubble to get pictures the whole concert
  • Go to the concert without checking U.S. Banks's prohibited list. You definitely don't want to be making the long walk back to your car because your purse is bigger than they allow in the venue

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