Well it's that time again as we bring in a new year, through in the resolutions and start to think about getting your taxes together, just all kinds of fun stuff but the new years' eve party gets the ball rolling.

Obviously we are all different and to some New Year's parties are a big deal, now I don't want to sound like your mom but the bottom line is to party responsibly.

As we all know law enforcement will be thick that evening, so if you have to crash at your party before the sun starts to rise by all means it's better to be safe than sorry, not to mention; you have no idea what other drivers have been doing throughout the night.

Some nice things about the party is we have friends who take your keys as you walk in the door, we have vehicles now that have combinations on the door (too much party in you and you forget the combination) to keep you safe, some newer vehicles have a breathalyzer built in, too much party in you and the vehicle doesn't start, a great idea.

Now there is a company that has created a cool idea in the form of a noisemaker that is breathalyzer. We don't don't stop at anything here, the ideas that come out still seem to amaze me. Basically how the noisemaker works is that it only makes a noise when you use it if your drunk.

The name of it is the Buzzed Buzzer and has a built in breathalyzer in it which controls the horn of the noisemaker. The only draw-back of the design is that it won't shut off if the individual that blows in it is wasted but then again maybe that's a good thing if you can't turn it off just to identify you.

Check out the video, party safe and the link can even help you build your own if you choose to go that route.

Happy New Year and please be safe!