We talked this morning about the best piece of advice our mothers gave us over the years. My mom always told me "Eye of the Tiger!" What she ment by that, was if you get knocked down, get right back up on your feet. I remember hearing her say that to me as early as six-years-old. I've used that piece of advice many times over the years, and its served me very well both personally and professionally.

My mom has always been my biggest fan, and continues to be an incredible source of strength for me even at 41-years-old. She's the first person I turn to (besides my wife) for advice, counsel, and support. She never lets me feel bad for myself, and reminds me how strong I am. A little known fact...my nickname growing up was "Rocky" (hence the Eye of the Tiger reference).

Thank you for always being there! Thank you for believing in me! Thank you for making me strong! Thank you for making me the man I am today! P.S. let my step-dad know he gets just as much credit :)

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

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