I guess this planet is not big enough for more than one Super Diva!

Tuesday night was very interesting for both Lady Gaga and Madonna. Madonna kicked off her U.S. Tour and was over two hours late. While Lady Gaga continued their beef by mocking her on stage. So what happened? Oh nothing, just Gaga flashing her undies! If you don't know, Madonna flashes her underwear on stage too! These two just need to give it a break!

While flashing her undies, Gaga said,

"I don't give a [BEEP] what people say. We don't give a [BEEP]. We know the truth."

It's unclear what she meant by that specifically, but Madonna's latest album has a song called "I Don't Give A". This beef between the two has been going on since Gaga released her song "Born This Way." I think it's time to end this, pretty please with a new song on top?

What do you think: Are you sick of the the fighting on stages mocking each other? I sure am! But here is the true test, who's music do you like better? Take the poll below!

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