We're just over a week until 'The Americans' season 2 premiere, dropping us back into the Cold War drama between Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, though the most recent trailers have come up a bit short. Now, go behind the scenes with Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell and 'The Americans' producers to preview the latest threats on both American and Russian sides, with insight into the FX drama's new dynamic!

After catching us up with last year's finale, our latest look at season 2 of 'The Americans' teases that the Cold War will heat up as the Russians uncover evidence that the U.S. has begun to experiment with spy technology, giving them a major leg up in the conflict. Not only that, but the show will thematically shift to show how Philip and Elizabeth's marriage and nocturnal activities affect the family, where the first season focused mostly on their relationship to one another. Lest we forget, we've also got a new Russian ally in the mix at the Rezidentura, who could well derail operations on either side.

In addition to its recent photos from the February 26 premiere "Comrades," ‘The Americans’ season 2 will see season 1 stars Annet Mahendru (Nina), Alison Wright (Martha) and Susan Misner (Sandra Beeman) upped to series regulars, while Margo Martindale will return as Claudia for several episodes, despite her commitment to CBS comedy ‘The Millers.’ In addition to a lighter focus on the marital drama, we’ll also see history start to catch up with the characters a bit, notably the deaths of Leonid Brezhnev and other Soviet leaders.

Take a strong look at 'The Americans' season 2 in the preview featurette above, and tell us in the comments if you'll watch the February 26 premiere!