Welcome to St. Cloud, home to great bars, restaurants, a vibrant art scene and activities the whole family can enjoy. Here are the ABC's of St. Cloud based on fixtures in our area, and things we are known for!


A - Apollo High School, home of the Eagles.

B - Buffalo's at MC's Dugout. Plan a sober ride if you drink more than one!

C - Cash Wise's cow button. Before it was a Cash Wise it was a Cub, and when Cash Wise took over, they left the cow button for the kids to press!

D - Division Street - avoid at all cost!

E - Eastman Hall at SCSU, one of the un-haunted buildings on campus.

F - Benton County Fair Grounds. Not technically St. Cloud, but it's close!

G - Gopher Bargain Center chair. It's huge and you can find it on the second floor. It makes a great Instagram post!

H - Heritage Park, where you can find the Stern's County History Museum.

I - Ice Cream. Cold Stone Creamery, Dairy Queen, Mr. Twisty, Fudgin' Delicious, the options are endless!

J - Joe Faber Field. Go Rox Baseball!

K - Kwik Trip's that keep popping up around the town!

L - Great River Regional Library

M - Munsinger Gardens, the perfect place to take a leisurely walk through on a warm summer day.

N - Nature. There are a lot of great walking trails and outdoor activities!

O - Old buildings. St. Cloud is home to almost 6,000 historic structures built before or in 1955.

P - Paramount Theater and Pioneer Place Theater in Downtown St. Cloud, where you can see a show every weekend.

Q - Dairy Queen on Division, where St. Cloud Super Man hangs out.

R - River Walk along the Mississippi by SCSU. Have you taken your picture with the new statue yet?

S - Summertime by George, where you can find about 10,000 fellow Minnesotans on any given summer Wednesday.

T - Traffic lights...... ugh.

U - University Drive through SCSU, which goes over the Mississippi river and has a roundabout that isn't difficult to maneuver through!

V - Val's hamburgers and fries. 'Nuf said.

W - Water towers. We have some pretty cool ones around the area!

X - Xcel Energy, that supplies power to a lot of our city.

Y - St. Cloud YMCA, it's brand new and has a water slide!

Z - Zip Codes, there are 8 different zip codes used in St. Cloud alone!



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