Thanksgiving is coming up and soon you'll be surrounded by family of all shapes, sizes and personality types. Where do you fall on this list? Perhaps, you're not a turkey at all...maybe you're the odd duck out.

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Parade watchers: tradition means so much to these people. I mean, Thanksgiving basically can't happen until the Macy's parade gets watched...Urm I right? These are usually also the people who suggest everyone divulge what they're thankful for at the dinner table.

Black Friday shoppers: They've got no problem taking over the kitchen table with their newspaper inserts. They're easily excitable and can be a smidgen aggressive. Even though the Black Friday deals are leaked online ahead of time, they still need to hold the actual ad in their hands and occupy all the space.

Football fans: They're you're big eaters. These folks bring their turkey pants and digest in front of the TV after the main event. And, they've always got room for pie.

Chefs: They spend most of their Thanksgiving in the kitchen preparing the best meal of the year...but, they're usually never hungry enough to eat it. It's OK because cold turkey is the BOMB.

Instigators: You know who you are. These are the folk that bring up politics and religion at the dinner table. They can't help it...they've just got so many opinions and an audience of kin who will sit and listen.

Stop and Go's: These are the people who have to go to 4 Thanksgiving feasts all in one day and don't have time to sit and enjoy anything for long. They're pretty much people pleasers. Don't you dare ask one of these people to play Monopoly with might break them.


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