The room audibly gasped, my wife shrieked, and my eyes filled with tears.

If you missed Sunday night's Super Bowl Half Time Show, you really missed a stunning display of Minnesota pride.

About two-thirds of the way through his performance, Justin Timberlake is playing alone at a white piano to "Till the End of Time." A wide camera shot shows hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of cell phone lighting up the darkness of U.S. Bank Stadium around him. As he comes out of the bridge, JT addresses the crowd,

Minneapolis, Minnesota this one's for you."

The music transitions into Prince's "I Would Die 4 U," and another camera angle reveals a huge white curtain hanging behind Timberlake with video footage projected onto it of Prince singing his song. As Justin accompanies the projected display of Prince, the camera cuts away again to an outdoor shot of the city of Minneapolis. Purple lights begin lighting up city blocks, moving their way out and away from U.S. Bank Stadium, suddenly revealing Prince's "Love Symbol." The room I was watching in audibly gasped, my wife shrieked, and my eyes filled with tears.


It was unexpected and beautiful, a touching tribute to one of Minnesota's own music legends.

We ended up rewinding to watch the moment again during the next commercial break. It was truly one of the greatest tributes and visual displays I've ever seen, moving and fitting for Minneapolis and Minnesota.

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