Today is my final day on MIX 94.9 and with Townsquare Media.

I love radio and almost six years ago I got my first job opportunity to host afternoons on a country station in small town Minnesota... that small town, Luverne. I was extremely excited to land a position in an industry I absolutely loved, but also scared, and even a little over confident. But I was there, "in" radio.

Not only was my first job in Luverne, but that's where I met my now wife, Brittany, and together we own our first home and have a daughter... Shay. Radio has been good in many ways.

I also spent some time at radio cluster in Spirit Lake, IA where I made some more great friends, learned even more about radio and had a ton of fun... cause that's what radio is, fun. You get to be yourself, but you also get take it to the extremes sometimes and get out of your comfort zone.

After making, what would ultimately be my final move in radio, the move to St. Cloud, the fun of the industry jumped to a whole new level. Concerts, meeting artists, interviewing celebrities and YOU, meeting many of you at live broadcasts, concerts, America on Tap, Wing Fest, Winstock... FUN, FUN, FUN. Even the tough days and long hours, somehow it was still fun.

So, why would I be leaving a fun and exciting career that has a ton of opportunity to things the every day person wouldn't necessarily get to do? Family.

I have a wife and a daughter who I need to spend more time with and support. Even though I LOVE this industry, life is moving by pretty quickly and I want more time creating memories with my family and an opportunity outside of radio is giving me a better chance to do that.

I will miss being on the air, but want to thank YOU for three great years, listening, the phone calls, the congratulations you sent after I was married and our daughter was born. I will miss you.

Six years, that's how long I was able to live out a dream. More than some people can say... but today, is my final day in radio. And if it's the last time I get to talk to you... Thank you.