The name Sophia Grace Brownlee may not ring a bell, but if I told you she is the little girl who made her own "Super Bass" viral video, now you know who she is.

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass By Sophia Grace Brownlee

Yea, that is the cute little Sophia (on the left)! She's been on Ellen many times and has now recorded her own song and made a video that is already creating a buzz worth two-million views.

"Girls Just Gotta Have Fun"

While she is quite the adorable little girl, the song itself is a little too auto-tuned. She's innocent and I think the song should be pure like her. But it is pretty cool!

Some parents think all of this is too much for a ten-year-old girl, but when you think of it, it's no different than kids being on the Mickey Mouse Club (Britney, Justin, Christina, . . . ) years ago. It might be too young to start a career, but if it's just for fun, why not. Save the money she gets for her college education. One of my good friends has her one year old doing modeling for Target and is saving every penny for her college fund. If the child enjoys doing it, what's the harm. Now, if her mom is forcing her to do this so she can take the benefits, then I see an issue. I knew I wanted to be in radio when I was Sophia's age and even recorded over the song intros. Now look at me, been getting paid to do what I love since I was 19.

So what do you think, is 10 to young to start a career?

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