Halloween is right around the corner. It's one of our favorite holidays. Who doesn't love dressing up and eating candy until you feel sick? Oh, to be young again.

Soon, many of us will be decorating for the big day (some of us already have). COVID-19 has canceled many events, attractions and traditions we've come to love. But, COVID can't stop our beautiful decorating skills. At the beginning of the pandemic many people pulled the Christmas decorations out of storage and gave us all something beautiful to look at when we couldn't go anywhere.

Some people may choose not to participate in the traditional Halloween events this year. So, if you're hosting a big yard display, let us know about it! We'll put together a driving Halloween display map so kids can still dress up, get in the car and have some fun!

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We think the Halloween display game has the potential to save our holiday and really be something cool. (of course, we're totally here for it!)

If you are planning a big Halloween display or haunted house attraction, let us know some details about it. Are you planning a Halloween light show? Maybe you're turning your yard into a giant zombie land? Do you have walk-thru homemade haunted house you're setting up on Halloween night? Let us know when and where it is so we can add your home to our driving Halloween display map!

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