Congratulations to our first Teacher of the Week recipient, Erin Durga. Mrs. Durga is a 3rd-grade teacher at Kimball Elementary School. She was nominated by Sarah Nordmann whose son used to be in Mrs. Durga's class. Here is Sarah's nomination letter.


I would like to nominate Mrs. Erin Durga for teacher of the week. She is so amazing she should really be named teacher of the year. I cannot think of a gift or thank you big enough to express my utmost gratitude to Mrs. Durga.


She has taught my nine year old son at Kimball Elementary school for the past 2 years. She is always going above and beyond to make learning fun. My son is in 3rd grade and has been influenced greatly by Mrs. Durga. He thinks she is the best part of school. Even before she had my son in her class she knew his name and said hi to him any time she saw him.


She makes every student feel special. She has a true gift for teaching. You can see every student is special to her and gives each one her time. During distance learning she has sent a video to the children each morning to say hi and give them motivation. Mondays and Wednesdays she does lunch with the teacher where her students can meet on zoom and do drawings or games. This has been a difficult time for students, and she has everything possible to be there for all of her students. She offered to come visit each of her students (with social distancing).


There are no words to describe what she means to my son. She has a true love for teaching and the children that come through her classroom each year. I have spoken with other parents who wanted to do something extra special for Mrs. Durga. We were at a loss at how to show our immense appreciation for her. Your public forum, letting everyone know how wonderful she is and gifts seem like a great way to say, Thank you. Thank you to an amazing woman who has helped my son and so many others. - Sarah Nordmann


Photo: David Black
Photo: David Black

Each 'Teacher of the Week' recipient receives a gift basket full of gift certificates from Great Harvest Bread Company, Sunday Brunch from Coyote Moon Grille, Morph Salon & Barbershop, a special teacher bouquet from St Cloud Floral, and a plaque from All-Star Trophy and Awards. Plus, a 96.7 The River shirt. Special thanks to Mathnasium of St. Cloud for sponsoring Teacher of the Week.

If you know a teacher that should be recognized, tell us all about them here.

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Nobody knew what this school would hold. Would there be school? if so, in what capacity? We know the school year started differently than any previous year, and everybody is constantly adjusting to changes due to COVID.

But one thing we knew is that we wanted to continue to recognize teachers in Central Minnesota, no matter how we had to do it. We have been and continue to be ready to adjust to whatever situation presents itself.

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