Beloved local television host Steve Patterson announced Wednesday morning that he'll be guest co-hosting Live with Kelly & Ryan April 1st (assuming that's not a joke on all of us)!

Twin Cities Live's Steve Patterson shared a huge personal announcement on social media late Wednesday morning.

"Occasionally you have a day when a dream officially comes true! Today was one of those days! I grew up watching Live with Kelly and Ryan with my Mom. And now, I get to officially guest co-host for a day on April 1st! I got to chat with them this morning about it on their show! #letsgo"

The exciting announcement came following a campaign to guest co-host with Kelly and Ryan.

"When we just put out in the ether that maybe...just maybe...someday there could be a chance where I would guest co-host for a day on Live with Kelly and Ryan -- which would bring my mother to her knees in tears - my Promotions department heard this, and then they came up with the idea," Patterson tells the pair over Facetime.

That idea was staying outside for 50 hours in a tent. Right now. During winter in Minnesota.

"I don't think that's a good idea at all," he told his Promotions team. "I've never camped before, I have no outdoor experience as a man." The original 50 hours was whittled down to 25 hours.

Patterson goes on to give Kelly, Ryan and viewers a tour of his tent, pointing out his "hemorrhoid" pillow, the beautiful stonework base (he slept in a fish house rather than tent) and space heaters.

"Hey Steve," Ryan finally jumps in, "what about April first? How is your calendar on April first?"

"I'm gonna tell you this," Patterson replies, "it could be wide open."

"It's April Fools day," Ryan jokes, "but we could put something together."

"Why don't you come April first, Steve," Kelly chimes in, winking. "Steve is hosting April first...or is he?"

At this point, we're believing it's true. Guess we'll all know in three weeks!

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