Minnesota's Twin Cities Live host Steve Patterson made had a shocking realization about his coffee habits...and why he hasn't been able to lose his "gut."

In a new video shared online Thursday morning, Minnesota golden boy and beloved television host Steve Patterson shared a shocking discovery regarding his daily coffee habits. After prefacing with that he's trying to do daily workouts and cut out carbs, he said, "My wife said to me a couple weeks ago, 'You know, I think I'm going to try to move away from that hazelnut creamer, and I got this other more boring creamer...' In my head I'm thinking 'That's a silly thing to cut out if you're trying to get in better shape, cause that's a small thing -- that's your coffee in the morning, whatever.'"

Patterson goes on to admit that -- while his wife wasn't around -- he looked at the nutrition facts of his Nestle Coffee Mate Creamer and realized there are "five grams of sugar in there."

"What's the serving size?" his co-host Elizabeth Ries asked.

Grinning, Patterson goes on, "A serving size...is a table spoon...."

"Yeah, and nobody's doing a table spoon," Ries finishes.

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Patterson goes on to show just how much hazelnut coffee creamer he usually puts in his coffee -- about four ounces or eight servings according to the measuring cup in front of him -- and then does the math to determine how much sugar he has throughout the course of his morning.

"I have 40 grams of sugar processed in the first cup...40 more in my second...40 more in my third. I have had 120 grams of sugar before I get there, I have another 40 grams of pure sugar before I come in [to work]." He then goes on to have a moment with himself. "As you wonder why, at the age of 37, am I having trouble getting rid of this gut, could it be the 120 grams of sugar that I have before 9:00am everyday?"

Watch Patterson's moment of realization for yourself below.

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