Taylor Swift apparently sent Katy Perry a plate of chocolate chip cookies on Tuesday, June 11. To the untrained eye, this could be just a peace offering, but some fans are wondering if the sweet surprise could mean something is in the works between the two pop stars.

Perry captioned her Instagram photo of the treats with, "Feels good @TaylorSwift" and tagged the location with, "Let's Be Friends," which is also a line from Swift's hit "Blank Space." Then, Swift commented on the post with thirteen heart emojis, which is also her favorite number that she has hidden in albums, songs, music videos and her day-to-day life. Another Easter egg, or just a coincidence?

The cookies also came with a message: "Peace at Last," written in red frosting. Fans have since zoomed in on a photo located next to the cookies on the kitchen counter, which shows someone holding a cat. Could it be Swift's newest kitten, Benjamin Button? Some are even wondering if the two actually baked the cookies at Swift's home together, as the marble counter featured in Perry's photo looks similar to the one in Swift's kitchen.

You'll remember that Perry previously sent Swift an olive branch and letter in May 2018 to end their feud. The feud was allegedly started when backup dancers left Swift's tour midway through to dance for Perry. One of the dancers, Scott, even commented hand clap emojis and an emoji of two women with a heart above their heads under the photo of the cookies.

Conspiracy theories began to surface with fans even counting the letters and characters of the frosted message (which in total equals 13, FYI).

Both artists recently released their first singles off their respective upcoming albums. Time will tell if these cookies are just the beginning of a rekindled friendship or if the indicate a collaboration to come.

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