No Disgrace In Winning Silver Medal For U.S. Women
The emotion and euphoria that the American Woman's World Cup Team must have felt after last Sunday's epic comeback win against Brazil - turned into heartbreak and unbelievable disappointment - after the loss in the World Cup Finals yesterday, to Japan...
U.S. Women Advance To World Cup Championship
Once again, it wasn't easy.  But I don't think they are doing this to us on purpose.
The U.S. Woman's Soccer Team beat France 3-1, this afternoon, to advance to the World Cup Final on Sunday.
Just as they did against Brazil, the Americans scored first, and led at halftime, 1-0...
American Women Make Us All Proud!
I will admit, that I am a moderate soccer fan, at best.  I have also been known to be very critical of women's athletics.
However, I am a relatively patriotic guy, and I do like events like the World Cup, and the Olympics.
I have been watching sports, intensely, for over 30 years...