Attention Women: You Can’t Keep A Secret!
Have you ever wondered, ladies, why your man won't open up to you? Sometimes it seems like he's got a lot on his mind, and yet, he really doesn't seem to want to talk. Well, he may know that if he confides in you his deepest, darkest, most personal thoughts - that you are likely to …
No Disgrace In Winning Silver Medal For U.S. Women
The emotion and euphoria that the American Woman's World Cup Team must have felt after last Sunday's epic comeback win against Brazil - turned into heartbreak and unbelievable disappointment - after the loss in the World Cup Finals yesterday, to Japan...
U.S. Women Advance To World Cup Championship
Once again, it wasn't easy.  But I don't think they are doing this to us on purpose.
The U.S. Woman's Soccer Team beat France 3-1, this afternoon, to advance to the World Cup Final on Sunday.
Just as they did against Brazil, the Americans scored first, and led at halftime, 1-0...
American Women Make Us All Proud!
I will admit, that I am a moderate soccer fan, at best.  I have also been known to be very critical of women's athletics.
However, I am a relatively patriotic guy, and I do like events like the World Cup, and the Olympics.
I have been watching sports, intensely, for over 30 years...
It Just Got Harder To Win At The Casino!
The bust you get for going over 21 won't be the biggest one at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City. The casino plans to hire some - how shall we say? - well-endowed female dealers to distract people at the blackjack tables.
Make Sure She Likes Your Smile!
According to a new study, women aren't attracted to men who smile.
Researchers from the University of British Columbia had 1000 adults rate hundreds of photos of members of the opposite sex for sexual attractiveness. In the images, the models displayed a wide-range of facial expressions and pos…