michael jackson

Pops of Pop on In The Mix with HK
I’ll be kicking off Father’s day weekend with custom HK remixes from musical dads Lil Jon, Pharrell, Afrojack, Michael Jackson and Jeremy Davis of Paramore.  But these Pops of Pop are just heating up the decks.
'BIllie Jean' On Beer Bottles
Get ready to see one of the coolest renditions ever of Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean'! No, it isn't the teen who wowed with his dance to the tune at his talent show (how awesome was that?!) -- this time it's a cover from YouTube sensation the Bottle Boys, who play the iconi…
Drop The Beat On In The Mix With HK
Like a foot to your chest from Solange Knowles I'm droppin' mad beats this weekend. Your sternum will be thumping to exclusive HK remixes on all your fave hits!

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