Homemade Animal Crackers
Yes, it's true - I eat lots of stuff that I shouldn't. Parents know, though, that only the best is good enough for our little darlings. Which is why I made homemade animal crackers (yes, I know they look like hearts - haven't you ever seen a wild heart out in the woods?) for my little…
It’s Unicorn Poop!
Looking for things to do with my daughter, I ran across unicorn poop on the internet. Now, who wouldn't like a pile of (frosted, sparkly, star adorned, sweet, sugar cookie) unicorn poop? Not a three-year-old and her mom!
What Do I Do With All This Easter Candy? Cookies!
I love Easter candy but with a two-year-old in the house we suddenly have way more Easter candy than any person should attempt to eat. My downfall (those evil Cadbury people) are the Cadbury Mini Eggs. I thought if I crushed them and put them into cookies I might slow down my consumption.…
Stolen Girl Scout Dough
Seven-year-old Girl Scout Vanessa Bergeron learned a hard lesson about life on Sunday night, when a woman stole $92 of her cookie sales money outside a Florida shopping center.