Is This the Perfect Male Face? [PHOTOS]
Women were asked to identify their favorite male celebrity facial features. Top answers were compiled to create the ideal male face. Do either one of these faces turn you on?
Celebrity Middle Names
Some of us are lucky to have pretty run of the mill names. Nothing crazy, the spelling is normal and somewhat easy to pronounce. Celebrities on the other hand not only give their babies crazy names, but also have crazy middle names themselves.
Is Tom Cruise A Complete Lunatic?!
Unfortunately, the jury is still out on this one.
There are a couple things we know about the recent divorce taking place between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and there is a lot that is still very iffy.
Most of what is coming out initially, though, does not look good for Tom...
Danny Elfman Has Been A Mainstay In Pop Culture For Decades!
You know how some birthdays make you feel old?
Well, today Danny Elfman turned 59 years old - do you know who he is?  Because we all should.  He is way up there, and has been for quite some time.  I will explain.
Most people nowadays recognize him as the guy wrote the theme for &quo…
I Bet Your Marriage Wasn’t This Bad!
As a man that is not rich, nor that has had an abundance of success when it comes to relationships - I always get a kick out of stories about celebrities getting divorced.
It interests me.
Statistically, most relationships are ended because of disputes over money issues...
Michael J. Fox Still One Of The Good Guys!
There has been a lot of problems with celebrity marriages and relationships lately. As a fairly common, regular, guy - I usually find it impossible to feel sorry for these rich folks in any way. Plus, it is true that most of their misery, they bring on themselves...