Biopsy Shows Cancer Cells
About a month ago I went to the doctor to get a few moles removed for cosmetic reasons. My wedding is coming up in November and I thought it was finally the right time to get a few removed from my arms, neck and face.
Want To Save Three Lives In Under An Hour? Give Blood.
There is a blood drive being held today at the Resurrection Lutheran Church in St. Joe until 2pm. The drive is in honor of Nicholas whose health took a turn for the worse yesterday. Here’s how you can help a four-year-old boy with cancer and your neighbors in central Minnesota today.
Help Scott Eibensteiner’s Family Fight Cancer
It is so difficult to hear about bad things happening to good families. We can only hope for the best and, if we're lucky, do our small part to help. This weekend you have the opportunity to help Scott Eibensteiner and his family beat brain cancer.
Benefit Dinner For 4-Year-Old Girl With Cancer
Despite her hardships, Kathleen has maintained her positive attitude and love for life throughout this journey! Kathleen and her mother are faced with uncertainty at this time and are reaching out to the community for help as they continue their fight to save Kathleen from cancer!