Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar has a new place of business at the Minnesota State Fair this year! This is their 40th year at the fair, and their newest location to get a bucket of goodness is on Machinery Hill, at the northern tip of the fair grounds.

The new building has some cool new features to go with it. There is a cookie window where you can see the cookie dough being mixed together, as well as 6 ovens that can cook 2,000 cookies each, in just 12 minutes. But even with that many being made, you know there will be a line for them. It is Sweet Martha's after all, and it just isn't the fair without them!


Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar has gained national attention in the past as well. INSIDER has featured the cookies as a video on their YouTube channel, and Delish has done a special on them as well. Andrew Zimmern did a video on Sweet Martha herself as well!

The Minnesota State Fair kicks off Thursday August 23rd and runs through Labor Day! Get your appetite ready!

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