According to a recent poll on Facebook, 85% of Central Minnesotans whistle by blowing out.

I recently discovered that I lost my ability to whistle. Apparently, it's one of those less-than-practical skills I really haven't used since I was a kid. But since my wife and I adopted our dog Rosie three months back, I've been trying to communicate with her by whistle (to mostly failed attempts).

Now, I whistle by sucking air in, which for some reason I thought was more common than whistling by blowing air out. Out of curiosity's sake, though, I took to Facebook to ask our listeners how they whistle. Turns out, I am far and beyond in the minority!

In addition to the 15% who said they whistle by sucking in -- like me -- and the 85% who whistle by blowing out, an additional five said they could whistle both ways! As far as I'm concerned, THAT is talent!

How do you whistle?

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