There aren't many things my wife and I disagree on.

Even the things we do we can usually work out.

However, there's one topic that's nearly turned our grocery shopping excursions into all-out condiment aisle brawls -- peanut butter.

See, I prefer smooth peanut butter while she prefers crunchy.

I remember my mom once bought crunchy peanut butter when I was a kid. The texture on my PB&J sandwich was so traumatizing that she never purchased it again, and I've never touched it again.

Needless to say, the first time my wife picked up a jar of crunchy peanut butter in the Target aisle, I nearly ran her over (yes, intentionally) with the cart.

Curious to know if I was the odd ball out who hates crunchy peanut butter, I recently took to the Mix 94.9 Facebook page with a poll to see what kind of peanut butter Central Minnesotans preferred.

I'm pleased to present the results of said poll:

As you can see, 73% of those polled agree that smooth peanut butter is the better peanut butter. The remaining 27% who prefer crunchy are, of course, wrong.

What kind of peanut butter do you prefer?

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