Minnesotans had a LOT of feelings about circus peanuts.

Two food editors at City Pages recently sat down to rank 16 of the worst Halloween candies. The list included everything from black jelly beans to popcorn balls, Necco Wafers to candy corn, raisins to peanut butter taffy and brought back a lot of memories (mostly ones of disappointment and disgust) and cause for a few good laughs.

I agreed that 15 of the 16 Halloween treats listed were pretty much awful (I make a happy exception to the banana runts. Banana runts are the BEST runts!). Just for fun, I thought I'd see how Central Minnesotans feel about some of the candies that made the list. For brevity and competition's sake, I chose just four -- (1) wax bottles (2) circus peanuts, (3) fruit chews and (4) Good & Plenty.

Tallying up responses in the comments section, the worst Halloween candy as named by Central Minnesotans is circus peanuts, followed by Good & Plenty, wax bottles and fruit chews.

The comments were also fun to read:

"Of those 4, the worst is D, Good & Plenty, nasty licorice. I think that the absolute worst Halloween candy is Candy Corn." - Renee

"I didn’t even know circus gut wrenching, gagging peanuts were a Halloween thing. Why do they exist!?! Gross!" - Amanda

"B. Had way toooo many circus peanuts as a kid! " - Carolyn

"Only one I can stomach is C [fruit chews]." - Jeremy

Add your vote for the worst Halloween candy at the post above and check out City Page's full list here.

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