They say distance makes the heart grow fonder.

I'm not sure what your family looks like, but the adage has certainly proven true in my family's dynamics.

Growing up, there was the normal amount of family strife, fights and tension in our home over normal things like sharing living space with siblings, curfews, boyfriends/girlfriends, extra curricular activities and so-on.

As we've all gotten older, however, and one-by-one my sisters and I have become independent, we've found that relationships amongst ourselves have actually improved. Perhaps it is the truth of the adage "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" that has developed our love and appreciation for each other and even brought some of us together geographically.

Over the course of the past seven years, both of my sisters and I have found our way to Minnesota. Our parents are back in Illinois still, but more and more even they have been commenting about how much they'd love to be closer to us. The simple truth is -- they miss their kids, and we miss them.

Still, my parents recognize an important truth: that distance is good for us. It's because of the distance and independence over the years that our relationships with each other have grown or improved. That's why (in hypothetical conversations) they've suggested (if they ever did move) it might only be half-way to us -- mid-Wisconsin or southern Minnesota -- close enough we could see us within a 2-3 hour drive without expecting to see each other every weekend or feel like space is being invaded.

All that to say, I'm  curious about your perspective -- what are/were your family dynamics like? How much space from your parents/in-laws do you need to maintain best relationships with everybody?

Here's another reason my parents should keep some distance...they don't know I'm filming things like trying a Squatty Potty...

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