It's more important now than ever to support local businesses like bars and restaurants during the shut down.

Every weekday morning at 8 a.m. we'll be visiting with a local restaurant operator to find out how they are doing during the pandemic. We'll check-in and find out what specials they're running, how you can order for delivery, take-out our curbside pickup.

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Today, were joined on the show by Ray Mulvey, owner of Bailey Ray's Roadhouse in Santiago.

Mulvey opened the restaurant about 20 years ago and named it after his daughter. According to WJON, the restaurant underwent a flood in the first six months of opening and then a fire six years later. Now, the restaurant is navigating its way through a pandemic.

The restaurant wasn't able to offer their annual Santiago Shakedown Festival in August or volleyball. But, Mulvey says, "The community in Santiago has been supportive. They've been very good to us out there."

Several restaurants are having to scale back their menu and reduce their hours of operation. Bailey Ray's was open 74 hours a week but reduced it to 26. "We primarily stay open because we need to keep people working," Mulvey added.

Back in the spring, the restaurant was working on a limited COVID-19 menu. However, the second time around with the most recent restaurant and bar shutdown, they're offering their full menu.

"We've always been scratch cooks … the food is pretty good," said Mulvey. His favorite meal on the menu is the prime rib sandwich, "I think it's the kind of the food over there."

They also serve up a variety of burgers, sandwiches, wraps, salads, homecooked dinners like chicken, steak, pasta, seafood and more. Anyone who has been to the restaurant knows about the large portions they serve. Mulvey calls it, "added value".

Every Sunday they feature a roasted chicken with homemade mashed potatoes, gravy, coleslaw and more. "Sundays, when I was a kid, were always chicken days. So, I go with my history," laughed Mulvey.

The restaurant does sell gift cards. They're all handwritten and Mulvey joked, "we don't have the computer technology. I'm 70 years old so I haven't kept up so good."

The restaurant is open Thursday through Sunday for takeout and curbside pickup. You can catch their specials and stay up to date with what they're doing by following them on Facebook. You can also call the store directly at 763-856-8900.

Mulvey added that other local businesses are suffering as well, "we're not much into the competition that restaurants are typically seen doing. We all like each other. You've got to look at those places too."

Bailey Ray's Roadhouse is located at 2120 165th Ave NE in Santiago.


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