My good friend Vicki Davis, from Tri County Humane Society, sends me feel good stories every Friday, of people that have had special happy endings by adopting pets from Tri County Humane Society. Today, we have a very special Super Bowl story to tell you.

Melissa wrote:

Super Bowl Sunday marks the 10-year anniversary of the day I met one of my best friends, just two weeks after losing another to kidney failure.
My life was too quiet without Edgrr, so I looked online at the cats available for adoption at Tri-County Humane Society. There I saw a six-month-old, fuzzy “domestic longhair” named Harpo and knew I had to meet him.
Harpo had just had surgery. He was laying down in his cage, with his back to the door. A volunteer opened the door so I could interact with Harpo, and he turned to look at me and let out the biggest “MEOW.” Then I saw his giant feet and knew he’d be a monster.
Yep, this was the kitten I wanted.
I gave Harpo a new name, Reilly (also: Pooper, Turkey Butt, Sweet Pea, Giant Monstah Kitty), and all the attention he could ever want. In the mornings I would hold him in front of the glass door so he could chatter at the birds, and we’d take naps on the deck together. He’s grown to become THE biggest baby, snuggling in my arms while kneading me and purring with delight to the point of drooling.

Tri County Humane Society/Vicki Davis
Tri County Humane Society/Vicki Davis

A year after I adopted Reilly, I got a little sister, Rhia (also: Tiny Poo), for him – and just a year after that I got married, and the cats then got two big doggie brothers, Hairy and Chet.

Reilly thinks he’s one of the dogs: He fetches and often steals one of their beds, with no regret. He lays on his back like an otter, with his giant feet in the air. He’s a chatty fella, and he loves being wherever his Mama is; he’ll paw at the bathroom door when I’m showering, desperate to get in. He still sleeps on my feet every night and makes me laugh every day.
I love him to pieces and can’t imagine my life without him. Thank you, TCHS, for helping me find both of my meowing best friends.
And happy 10-year adoption day anniversary, Pooper! =^..^=


Melissa, thank you for sharing your story! If you'd like to find that pet that can change your life, go to : today. It could be the most memorable Super Bowl weekend you've every experienced.



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