This past week I went to see Suicide Squad at the Marcus Parkwood Cinema. I had been hearing mixed reviews of the movie but I wanted to see it for myself! Typically superhero movies aren't my films of choice (I am a Disney/animated movie person) but I still enjoy the occasional super movie.

Overall I would give Suicide Squad 4/5 stars. (For reference I gave Deadpool a 5/5). Here is my reasoning:

- The cast was excellent. Every actor was perfect for their role

- The soundtrack was ~*aMaZInG*~. Lots of classic rock, lots of new songs created just for the movie. It all fit together so well.

- The trailers were quite misleading. The joker only had a few minutes of screen time. I could've used a little more Jared Leto while I was seeing it.

- Everyone said Will Smith took a backseat with his role but I would label him as one of the leads. His story tugged on every heart string I have.

Would I go see it again? Yes. Will I buy it on DVD/Bluray? Maybe.