ST. CLOUD -- As officials at Stride Academy work to keep the school open, parents have some tough decisions to make about where their kids will attend school in the fall.

Nic Davidson has three adopted children from the Caribbean who needed some extra help when starting school in America...

They jumped on bonding so quickly, and I don't know if it's like that with every kid but that's what my kids needed...were teachers who were obviously competent but who also could really connect.  That's what I've seen in all three of my kids, a real ability with the teachers to connect and really care for the students. I think it really impacted their education.

Shannon Ruff's two children attended Stride for three years. Her kids had planned to transfer before the news broke, but Ruff feels bad for other parents like her friend who don't know what direction to go...

I'm so sad for her and she's so heartbroken. She just does not know what to do.  She's trying to look at other avenues and she really doesn't want to take her kids away from Stride and put them back in the school that she took them out of to come to a better school.

Davidson says they are hopeful something is worked out to keep Stride open but, they were forced to enroll their kids in other schools now because they couldn't wait around to see if that actually happens.

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