This video is exactly what every Minnesotan needs to see right now.

The internet is a wonderful place (it can also be a terrifying and awful place depending on where you find yourself!). As we all try to cope with our present COVID-19 fears and realities, one reddit user has come to our rescue with a video that will calm every Minnesotan's spirit.

"Here’s a calming video of loons calling at sunset in Minnesota, " reddit user Rambonics captioned the video. Dated July 2018, the short 18-second clip shows a beautiful sunset on the water and -- sure enough -- loons calling out to each other.

(If video above doesn't show, refresh the page or click here)

"The best sound in nature," reads one comment.

"Thank you for this. I’ve been living in AZ for a year and a half. And so desperately miss the lakes and call of the loon. No one here understands that sense of calmness," reads another.

"Thank you, this is much needed!" thanks a third.

Go ahead -- watch this one on repeat!

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