Listen, before you accuse me of having a slow news day...I'm a huge fan of mustard! This caught my attention because it seems a little excessive. Someone is giving away an entire box of the yellow food gold on Facebook marketplace. It seems like a great deal for the right person.

According to the Facebook listing, the box has 'never [been] opened. Whole box of mustard that expires in 2022."

Alright, I'm counting at least 5 bottles judging by the photo. Who just has that much mustard sitting around their home? It seems like people are rushing to get rid of their pandemic stock pile before it goes bad.

I know a really great homemade rib sauce that calls for a bunch of mustard...Maybe you're someone who eats a lot of burgers and brats and you'll go through this box like it's nothing. Got a big family who can't get enough ya go!

I've been guilty of telling my husband I love mustard so much that I could drink it...hopefully that's not your plan here, because that would be pretty gross.

In all seriousness, if you're a huge fan of mustard, it seems like today may just be your lucky day. If you're interested in taking this person up on their offer, you can reach out to the original poster, Samanth El Oukli.

You'll need to pick up your lot in Monticello. For the right person, this is a huge win! Also, if you're the lucky recipient of this mustard box...I have to know...what are you going to do with all of that mustard?


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