Have you ever noticed that severe storms always seem to miss St. Cloud? A professor I had in college first pointed out the strange phenomena to a mass communications class of mine. Since then, I've also noticed that it seems like bad weather always breaks up by the time it gets to St. Cloud.


I've observed on the WJON weather radar whole storm systems split in half and travel right around the city. It's definitely weird...or maybe I notice it because I'm looking for it.

My professor had a theory that it has something to do with the granite breaking up the weather pattern...another theory I've heard is that St. Cloud is the victim of a long standing curse to bring drought to the area and kill crops.

I think the last theory is pretty far fetched because we get our fair share of rainfall here...just not massive storms. If anything, that would be a good thing. Have you noticed that we seem to always dodge the major severe weather?

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