I was just thinking about this last night as I sorted through my laundry. "How much easier would it be if I just wore the same thing everyday...". Fast forward to this morning when I stumbled on a story about a man in Stillwater doing just that. Zach Carlsen is planning to wear the same outfit every day for 10 months as a sort of experiment.

He won't be wearing the same articles of clothes for 10 months, but it will be the same outfit combination.

Carlsen said he hoped applying the idea to his own life would help solve his decision fatigue — a psychology term that refers to the exhaustion that comes from making too many decisions.

It makes sense. I stand in my closet for at least a solid 10 minutes every day wondering what to wear and ultimately grabbing the same sweatshirt/jeans combo. Why not just totally simplify the whole process? You know who else did that? Steve Jobs, and he gifted the world the iPhone.

Button pink

Ultimately his "uniform" consists of five pants, nine t-shirts, four sweaters, 18 boxers and 12 socks as well as four different pairs of shoes and two different belt buckles. I travel with more than that on a weekend trip.

This guy is my hero, and if you start to see me in the same shirt and jeans from here on out, just know I am following his footsteps.

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