According to Stearns County League secretary Mike Nagel in the Star Tribune, Governor Walz hasn't responded to multiple letters sent by the league.

“We have sent the governor three different letters with our plan for safety. It’s a thorough plan," Nagel said.  It’s a full commitment to keeping our fans and participants safe. We have received no response from the Governor’s Office, not even a ‘Leave us alone.’ ”

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison recently filed an enforcement action against Shady's Bar for attempting to open before given permission by the governor. There has not been any indication whether similar action would be taken against sports leagues who decide to reopen on their own.

As of now, Minnesota guidelines do not allow for baseball games at any level. There have been rumblings that games may be allowed in early July, but at this point no announcement has been made.

Fans will be welcomed at the games, but there will be social distancing guidelines at the ballpark and no concessions. Fans of some teams were told on Twitter to BYOB- bring your own beer, while other teams such as Farming will have concession stands open while following the guidelines laid out by the Minnesota Baseball Association.


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