If you drive up to a Starbucks window today and no one comes to assist you...there might be good reason. Today is the day that 8,200 Starbucks across the country will shut down this afternoon for their anti-bias training. This comes after a Starbucks in Philadelphia made two black men leave their store because they didn't order anything wile they were waiting on a friend to arrive, and the cops were called on them. Hey! I've been to Starbucks and didn't place an order until after waiting at a table for my friends to arrive. It isn't fair. It REALLY isn't.


Basically, they have already changed their policies, so anyone can sit at a Starbucks without ordering or use the bathroom. I honestly would like to know; why in the world does Starbucks have to implement this and the rest of the world doesn't? The point is; it shouldn't have to be implemented. We all frequent a public place from time to time to use the restroom or meet someone. In the long run, don't we typically order more often that we just meet there? That's the give and take. The Ying and Yang.  As far as what's actually going on during anti-bias training? We haven't received the details..but I think more than anything, they are showing the country that prejudice will not be tolerated, and they are going to lose millions of dollars today to prove it.

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