It's pretty obvious that Minnesota is the state of hockey. I think it goes without saying that we're awesome. Wallet Hub just compared 73 cities in the United States to find out where the best cities were for hockey fans.

Great news for Minnesota, St. Paul ranked #15 on the list. We had six cities ranked overall. St. Cloud didn't make the top 20, but it did place at #42. Not bad when you consider how many cities weren't even ranked.

Wallet Hub judged each city based on 21 different criteria and gave each city points based on their evaluation.

Top 15 Cities For Hockey Fans 
#1: Boston, MA
#2: Detroit, MI
#3: Pittsburgh, PA
#4: Chicago, IL
#5: New York, NY
#6: Newark, NJ
#7: Anaheim, CA
#8: Buffalo, NY
#9: Tampa, FL
#10: Washington, DC
#11: St. Louis, MO
#12: Denver, CO
#13: San Jose, CA
#14: Philadelphia, PA
#15: St. Paul, MN

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