St. Joseph Parish Center has decided to cancel this year's 4th of July celebration,  Joetown Rocks, amid the pandemic.

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On Friday, May 8 St. Joseph Mayor Rich Shultz explained the reasoning for the cancellation, "Cities in our area have cancelled many summer events. The St. Joseph Parish has cancelled Joetown Rocks and the 4th of July Parade. This is a recurring theme as other cities across the state are doing the very same thing, cancelling or postponing summer community events."

The Mayor clarified that the cancellation was not the city's decision, but rather it was the Parish Center along with other sponsoring organizations.

"I just want to clarify the city’s position as this crisis persists. We are an active stakeholder in ensuring public safety for our community events, but ultimately, it is the sponsoring organization making the decision on cancelling or postponing events", wrote Shultz.

Joetown Rocks is a two day annual 4th of July celebration held every year in St. Joseph, Minnesota featuring live music, food, family friendly games and an Independence Day parade.  Read the mayor's full statement below.


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