ST. JOSEPH - St. Joseph is beginning the process of planning for its next 10 years. During Monday night's city council meeting they hired "Community Design Group", a consulting firm to help update their Comprehensive Plan.

Antonio Rosell says the first step will be getting input from residents.

We are going to be very actively seeking those ideas, opinions, and recommendations because that's the foundation for the work. That's the thing that I think is very exciting about this process is that the plan is not a good plan unless we have the ideas and contributions from residents.

Rosell says St. Joseph is in a unique position because it is so close to a regional center, and because it has the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University.

It's a city with a lot of student population. Students come and learn and begin to develop their future paths. What can we do so they stay?

Rosell says they plan to bring an updated Comprehensive Plan back to the St. Joseph city council in October of next year.

The council approved a contract with C-D-G for up to $60,000.