St. Cloud's south side is known for having some pretty historic homes--and EXPENSIVE neighborhoods. St. Cloud is home to more than 67,000 people with a per capita income of $23,517 a year--which is on the lower end for Minnesota. It might come as quite a surprise that we have such expensive neighborhoods. The website Neighborhood Scout compiled a list of the priciest homes in St. Cloud using their data and research. This list might shock you!

1. City Center/St. Cloud State University--The median home price is just over $311,000.

2. Roosevelt Road/33rd Street South--The median home price is just shy of $220,000.

3. 9th Ave South/Clearwater Road--The median home price is slightly higher than $202,000.

4. County Road 1/County Road 134--The median home price is nearly $193,000.

5. Saukview Drive/Ridgewood Road--The median home price is just under $189,000.

Do you or someone you know live in one of these neighborhoods? Do you think Neighborhood Scout got it right?

(Neighborhood Scout)

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