One of St. Cloud's own local businesses is celebrating three years around the sun this weekend -- Beaver Island Brewing Company!

In addition to live music and general festivities, they'll be releasing a special celebratory beer aptly named Revolution III -- a barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout limited to two per person. I had a chance to try it in advance, and all I can say is, you'd better grab a bottle (or two) while you can!

Besides the Revolution III, here are three more beers you need to try at Beaver Island's Three Year Anniversary:

1. Maibock - Helles Bock

Adam Rozanas

If these three beers were a three-course dinner, the Maibock would be the appetizer -- very light, fresh and drinkable. A great way to whet/wet your appetite before diving into something with more hops or body.

2. Revival - Coast to Coast IPA

Adam Rozanas

Yes, the above photo is a different beer, though it looks very much like the Maibock. The difference, however, is in taste -- hoppier than the Maibock with an IBU (International Bitterness Unit) of 76.8. Don't be deceived by the word "bitterness" though -- this one is also easily drinkable and only slightly hoppy (to my taste). As someone who doesn't tend to like hoppy beer, I found this one enjoyable.

3. Union Suit - Imperial Porter

Adam Rozanas

As far as our three-course beer-meal goes, this one is definitely the dessert, with hints of dark crystal and chocolate. Imperial beers tend to taste boozy, and this one's no exception. Dark, rich and smooth with an ABV (Alcohol By Volume content) at 8.9%, this one you'll savor til the last drop.

Congrats Beaver Island Brewing on celebrating three revolutions around the sun!