The St. Cloud fireworks display is one of the best events of the summer. They're typically shot off from a barge in the Mississippi near Wilson Park. I've lived in central Minnesota my entire life and I've found some pretty awesome places to watch the 4th of July display. If you're new to the area, check out my list, sit back and enjoy the fireworks!

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1. Wilson Park: This is an obvious choice because it's the designated firework watching spot for the City of St. Cloud. And, it's right next to where the fireworks are the view is fantastic. There's usually live music and food trucks on-hand too. The only downside to this spot is the heavy traffic after the show and the difficulty finding good parking.

2. Hester Park: Like Wilson Park, the view is always phenomenal. It sometimes has food trucks on-site too. The only downside is again, heavy traffic.

3. Paramount Theater parking ramp: This is a hidden gem! If you go to the top of the parking ramp next to the paramount theater, you can see the fireworks in all of their glory. It's AWESOME! The only downside to this spot is the lack of food vendors or other activities. Plus, you can't lay in any grass. You've gotta bring your own lawn chairs or watch from the car. It's not ideal if you've got really little kids.

4. Cathedral High School football field: It's close to Hester Park and the view is spectacular...However, traffic can get pretty congested here and there aren't food vendors or pre-event activities. But, it's a great spot if you've got little kids.

5. Sauk Rapids Bridge: I love this spot. It's especially great if you've got little kids. You can let the children play at the park before the show. Plus, there's grilling stations in the, bring your meat for a BBQ and make a day out of it.

6. Lake George: This is a spectacular view. Watching the fireworks reflect off the water is enough to take your breath away. Plus, the view of the city in the background is awesome. This is also a great spot to watch the fireworks if you've got small children because there's a park they can play at before activities get underway.

7. Technical College parking lot: This spot isn't a huge destination on the 4th...but, the view is pretty great. There are a few of the low fireworks that you won't be able to see because of the tree line but all-in-all it's a really great spot. The traffic isn't even bad, so it's not going to take your an hour to get home.

8. River's Edge West Parking Ramp: I've never personally watched fireworks at this location but, it's near the Paramount Theater parking ramp and the view must be quite similar if not better because it's closer to the river.

9. St. Cloud State University Parking Ramp: You'll have to pay to park here but the view is allegedly spectacular according to people who have been there before.

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