When you're in line to check out at Walmart and grabbing those last minute candy and magazines, there will now be one less option. Walmart has made the decision to no longer stock Cosmopolitan magazines in the checkout aisles of their stores. This is being done because concerns were raised by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, which compared the women's magazine to porn and has been campaigning for years to get it removed from store shelves. Walmart seems to be meeting them in the middle by taking it out of the checkout, but still offering it in their book and magazine department.


Cosmopolitan calls itself a "bible for fun, fearless females," and in an age of women empowerment, I'm sure this move by Walmart will receive some backlash. Valid points were made though by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. They said that Cosmo targets young girls by putting former Disney stars on their cover, and the articles within the pages aren't suited towards children. But they are former Disney stars, so an argument against pulling it from the check stands could be made as well.

Overall, the world isn't ending because Walmart made the decision to not sell a certain magazine by the cash register. And honestly, I can't even remember the last time I bought a physical magazine. I just read the articles online like the rest of my generation.

Walmart is also now selling Mystery Peeps! 

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