ST. CLOUD -- The St. Cloud Regional Airport welcomed special guest Jim Davis, a 74-year-old cancer survivor, who is flying his plane to the 48 continental United States to spread his message of hope.

Davis started his tour after being diagnosed with what was thought to be stage four liver cancer in December, and given nine months to live.

"When a doctor tells a person they have cancer, a lot of people get depressed, shut down and give up," Davis says. "Not me -- I got motivated."

Davis, a lifetime aviator, set out to accomplish one of his life goals -- to fly to each of the 48 continental states -- while raising cancer awareness and visiting cancer patients in each stop.

"You can still live after you got cancer, you don't have to quit," Davis says.

"The immune system works good for positive people," Davis says. "I don't call it 'positive', I call it 'faith'."

After visiting 27 eastern states, Davis returned home to Arkansas for his check-up where it was found that there were no spots on his liver or lung.

"Some people might call it a coincidence, you won't convince me of that."

Minnesota is Davis' 47th stop on the tour, and he will finish up in Wisconsin in the coming days.

"From the e-mails and personal reports, evidently I've inspired people everywhere I've been," Davis says. "And that is my reward."

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON
Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON

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