ST. CLOUD -- You will be able to park downtown without having to plug the meters.

St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis says effective immediately, they will not be enforcing meter parking until May 1st.

In addition, he says parking permit expiration dates have been extend until May 1st and the city will open all downtown parking ramps.

St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson says they will continue to patrol the streets as normal, however, during this time of "staying home" you will not be pulled over just for driving your car.

We're not out here to add to anyone's stress level. In that regard, we are not going to be pulling cars over just because you're on the street. We are going to assume you have a purpose for being out there so make our assumptions right.

Anderson says the COVID-19 situation has prompted some changes in how their office respond to calls, but assures residents they will continue to make sure St. Cloud remains a safe community.

While the meter parking restrictions have been temporarily lifted, Kleis says they will enforce handicap or fire lane parking.

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