ST. CLOUD -- Huskies Advance is a new program available to students at St. Cloud State University.

Peggy Sarnicki, Interim Director of Huskies Advance says students choose from one of six tracks: environmental sustainability, civic engagement, leadership, social justice, international engagement, and entrepreneurship.

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Within that they complete four experiences. One, a course, one on campus, like being a CA or doing research with a faculty member or serving on an athletic team. They do something off campus such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, doing work in their local community, doing an internship, student teaching, studying abroad. And, the fourth thing can be of their choice.


Sarnicki says this is a way to help students communicate their college experience to future employers.

Many of our students, they would do this anyway. They would choose to be a CA, they would choose to be on an athletic team, they would choose to do an internship. But, often we didn't have a way to document or verify those things for students. So, this is another way they can demonstrate to employers they've gone above and beyond to demonstrate expertise in their major or minor. It also goes directly on their transcript as well.

St. Cloud State has been working on the program for about two years. It came out of their strategic plan to create a more individualized educational experience for students.

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