When there is a list of the "best of" in an entire state, no matter what it is, generally most people will probably go to some larger city to find that "thing".  Whether it's shopping, restaurants, night life, family activities, etc.

But there are some great places right around St. Cloud.  It can be any of those things listed above.  You don't necessarily have to travel very far to find something that is great, and should be on a list of "Minnesota's Best".

This time in the "shopping" category, which includes almost anything that you can shop for, is Fitzharris Ski Bike and Outdoor shop.

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Fitzharris has been a staple in St. Cloud for as long as I can remember and is a go-to for all or your skiing and outdoor activities.  Yes, there are other places around, but Fitzharris always gives that personalized attention. At least that has been my experience.

There are several categories on this Minnesota's Best list that includes businesses in central Minnesota, and some of them are right here in St. Cloud.  You have the opportunity to vote on them as well.  Just check out the link here.  

Some of the categories include agriculture, beauty and fitness, restaurants and bars, education, entertainment, healthcare, home and garden, law, Minnesota fun activities, car service, services and real estate along with the above mentioned shopping.  Cast your vote!  You can also look at previous year's winners.

We do also have a more locally run best of which is the best of St. Cloud and Central Minnesota.

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