ST. CLOUD -- A local organization is offering kids a chance to start a new hobby given their newfound spare time.

The Saint Cloud Area Stamp Club is offering a free packet of stamps to kids who are looking for something to do this summer.

Club president Vern Bartos says they felt this would be a way to keep current members engaged and spark interest in stamp collecting to a younger generation.

It was thought that providing a free packet of stamps to the children, while they are staying at home, would introduce them to an activity that is both educational and kind of fun.

Bartos says families can request the free stamp packet by visiting the club's website and filling out a form.

There is a convenient place for them to check out and state their interest if they would like U.S. stamps, International stamps or something else. We're very happy to send out a packet of those types of stamps.

Bartos says the packet of stamps should arrive in the mail within a few days.

He says there are also many stores in central Minnesota that sell stamps if kids want to continue to building their collection.

The Saint Cloud Area Stamp Club was formed back in 1986.

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