It seems a bit odd to me that they are axing the #1 thing that the chain started out selling. McDonald's made the announcement that they are cutting cheeseburgers from the Happy Meal options as they shift even further towards healthy eating in 2018. All Happy Meal broads in the USA will have to feature meals that are 600 calories or less, and the sift needs to be made by June. Cheeseburgers will still be offered if the customer requests it but the listed options will now be a hamburger or chicken nuggets.


In addition to this change, McDonald's will also be cutting back the sugar content on their chocolate milk and add bottled water as an option as a drink with Happy Meals. So why are they doing this? The childhood obesity rate has almost tripled in the US since the 1970's and McDonald's feels that they need to be part of the positive change that needs to happen. Gotta applaud them for wanting to help and make a difference, and honestly the cheeseburger to hamburger change won't be the end of the world. Unlike the change from Hi-C to sprite that happened last year that I am still salty about.

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